About us

Distinctive hotel management

MARUGAL is specialised in the conception, launch and operation of unique premium hotel properties.

Our hotels reach a balance between capturing the essence of their cultural and geographical environment and offering a coherent concept that transmits high quality, uniqueness and impeccable service while maximizing the owners return on investment. Within the hospitality industry, MARUGAL is specialised in the luxury segment; 4 or 5 star small to medium sized properties.

A successful balance between advisory and operational excellence has led MARUGAL to develop trusted personal relationships with the hotel owners.

Our philosophy:

management based on four key points:

Tailor Made

Once the concept is defined , we develop all operational aspects of the hotel to create a coherent and harmonious product. This coherence allows the positioning of the hotel to stand out above its competitors. By creating tailor made hotels, we promote the ” reasons to visit ” in order to positively impact occupancy rates and average prices.

Economies of Scale

Our operating philosophy is focused on maintaining the identity and uniqueness of the hotel as well as giving the opportunity to benefit from economies of scale. By sharing the costs of marketing (media agencies, business trips, roadshows, etc) the hotel obtains high visibility in the market usually inaccessible to independent hotels. Centralized management of human resources allows each hotel to reduce recruitment and training costs and increase its exposure with leading hotel schools.

Operational Approach

Our team is always involved in the daily operations of the hotel, with a weekly presence on-site and daily communication with the hotel management. A greater presence on-site allows MARUGAL to better understand customer expectations, the strengths and weaknesses of the product and define the necessary steps to maximize the potential of hotel.

Precise Sales Strategy

Distribution channels customized for the hotel and focused on the target markets. Constantly evolving a strategy to minimize distribution costs and maximize visibility. Daily Yield Management based on the strategy of each hotel. Our Sales team will be present in the key markets targeted by the hotel.

Our Team